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Turn your best GoPro shot into a work of art

13 Apr

My wife had San Clemente surf and music legend Joshua Paskowitz recreate my favorite GoPro surf shot into an amazing 4×3 foot masterpiece on canvas for my 50th birthday. I have to admit it’s one of the best gifts I’ve ever received. I’m not talking about blowing up the photo onto canvas. Joshua puts an impressionist spin on his art which makes them museum worthy pieces. He can do small ones for a fee hundred dollars or giant ones like this run a few thousand. But for a one of a kind artwork from a member of what NY Times called “The first family of surfing”, it is a real value if you’re looking for a special gift. For more information go to the AlohaDoc Website.




New GoPro Hero 3 reviewed by Cyrus Sutton

18 Oct

OK, when it comes to surf cam reviews, there’s nothing I can say that would not sound downright stupid compared to what Cyrus has to say. He’s a master, so just read this and decide for yourself.  Couple of notes from his post.

GoPro recently acquired Cineform and updated their ProTune firmware, which is available for free on their website, and “turns your GoPro 2 into a low contrast, 35 megabyte per second action capturing machine, virtually eliminating all blocking and pixelation that had plagued all POV cameras for years, including to a lesser the HERO HD & 2.”

“The megabyte per second rate is the nuts and bolts of a camera’s image quality and is often overlooked by consumers but obsessed over by hollywood DP’s. And while efficient codecs are milking smaller and smaller data streams, a lot of what you pay for is your camera’s data stream. It separates the consumer cams from the professional ones, and with ProTune’s 35MB per second stream and low contrast output which preserves a fuller dynamic range of your image (the highlights and shadows), the resulting footage is hard to differentiate from a full sized DSLR or professional video camera.”

If you’re too lazy to click and read the whole review…


This camera is markedly better than anything similar on the market and if you’re perpetually unsatisfied with what you have or are just looking to step up the level of your action video production, the HERO 3 is a must have.  

It ships November 14th you check it out and pre-order here!

GoPro Hero 2 Now Discounted by $100

17 Oct

With the release of the awesome new GoPro Hero 3 this week, now is the time to get the previous version at a bargain price. While the new Hero 3 has some interesting features, is smaller, lighter and faster, the Hero 2 is still more than excellent for a surf cam.

Now only $199 at Amazon. Use this link. GoPro HD HERO2: Outdoor Edition

Best Portable Folding Hammock

23 Jul

There’s nothing quite like a hammock on the beach.  But there’s not always two open trees within hammock tying up distance.  So I’ve been looking for a folding hammock for a couple of years now.  They were either expensive (over $100), flimsy (I’m close to 200 lbs) or they don’t swing like a hammock, they’re more like a cot, and where’s the fun in that.  Recently while browsing on Amazon I came across the Guide Gear portable folding hammock, being sold by The Sportsman’s Guide.  At less than $40, it fit my price profile, and with solid 4-star reviews, I decided to give it a try.

It was back-ordered a couple of weeks, but I finally received it last weekend.  I set it up immediately (took about 60 seconds without instructions) and it definitely meets the need.  It’s a bit heavy, so its not something you’d want to lug on a long walk to the beach, but for those spots where you can park close to the sand, I can’t imagine a better setup for a post-surf nap.

Who’s it for?  Any surfer who might like a post-sesh nap on the beach

How much is it? Less than $50 including shipping

Where do you get it? at the link below:

Guide Gear Portable Folding Hammock

XM Surf Bag – Long Term Review

7 May

I’ll keep this short, and let the pics replace the thousand words.  I purchased a 9’6″ XM Surf bag for my Kaysen custom longboard in March of 2011.  It was made primarily of grey tarp material and a smallish metal zipper.  It sucks.  The zipper has given me nothing but trouble, and when you get a little sand in it, it just won’t zip.  The tarp material has totally disintegrated from the sun.  It’s a surf bag.  It should be designed to work in the sand and the sun.

Here are some pics I took before I tossed it in the trash this weekend.

The last image is a pic of the new zipper of my Destination Surf Bag I picked up for 25% off at Stewart’s this weekend (sorry, I should have posted about the sale, but the surf was good, there was a contest in town, and it was my son’s 17th birthday, so it was a crazy weekend.  Let me know if you picked up any deals).  That’s what a zipper should look like.  It’s a big, beefy one, with a lifetime guarantee.  Check out my review of the D-Surf bags here.

Welcome to the Best Surfer Gifts Resource on the Web

20 Feb

Are you looking for gift ideas for a surfer?  Unless you are a surfer yourself, it’s almost impossible to know where to start. There are lots of articles on the web making suggestions, but most of them are limited, out of date, and don’t really give insight to the type of surfer the gift would be appropriate for.  So I decided to create the most comprehensive list of surfer gifts available anywhere, complete with reviews, interviews, and links to specials.  So drop in whenever the need arises.

If you have a unique gift idea you would like reviewed, just email us at to get started.


Spongeboard Surfpants.

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