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This Backpack is Amazing

22 Nov

I purchased this through a Kickstarter campaign and just received it.  I was really anxiously awaiting it as  I travel 365 days a year, and felt like this was a missing piece of my equipment set.  I currently travel with a North Face computer backpack and a Briggs and Reilly carry-on.  These two containers hold all of my possessions and if you’re looking for base luggage check them out.   I have designed a wardrobe that lets me travel globally, through all hemispheres and all seasons.  However, sometimes I really want to go hiking, or surfing, or just exploring.  And with all my gear stuffed into my computer backpack, it’s a pain in the ass to unload everything.  Plus the though of stuffing wet gear into my $300 North Face computer pack is painful.

So when I saw a waterproof backpack that holds 24L of gear, and packs into a stuff sack the size of a deck of cards, I was all in.

The Sea to Sky pack lives up to its billing.  It’s can fit in your pocket, is ultralight, really strong, totally waterproof.  Rarely does a company nail a design like this, but Pacific Northwest did it.  At $79, it comes with my highest recommendation.  Every surfer on the planet would find a use for this.  Whether it’s something you stuff in your glove box in the car, or keep in your board bag, or just use everyday as a wetsuit bag, or as a grocery bag, or in your bike bag, the uses are literally endless.  Get it here

Part Blanket, Part Jacket, All Awesome

11 Nov

I just ordered one of these for myself.  Those early morning dawn patrol sessions offer the best surf, but getting out of bed and into a cold wetsuit sucks.  This will definitely make the trip to the beach more comfy.  And when you get out of the water and that wetsuit, crawling into this looks like pure heaven.

Use this link for $15 – timeless.

Use the code TREATYOSELF on 11/11/17 to save 30%.

You can also try this code if you miss out today.  ITSBYUxBETA to save 20% (no guarantee how long it will work).

Stay warm my friends


Surf trip to Tahiti – Groupon can save you some bucks.

13 Aug

We’ve all seen the images and drooled. Intimate cabanas perched over a peaceful lagoon with amazing vistas of mountains in the background. Perfect barrels of groomed glass with nobody around. Blood gushing from facial wounds after getting smashed onto the reef. While that last part might give us second thoughts, the images that come to mind when we think of Tahiti are almost always positive. Now Groupon can get you there for less than you imagined. Starting at $1999 per person including airfare for 6 days lodging, breakfasts and transfers. The pictured Intercontinental Moorea comes with the 9-day package for $3500. It’s a boatload of money for sure. But, it is also a dream vacation and a big savings over the normal prices.

There’s a ton of surfing in Tahiti, and there are plenty of local surf tour groups available that you can use as an add-on. Most of the surf breaks are beyond paddle distance so you’ll want to hook up a boat ride.

Unfortunately the dates are all past the window for the Billabong Tahiti Pro at Teahupoo, or maybe that’s for the best if you want to charge the world’s heaviest barrel.

Check out the Groupon Tahiti Trip at this link.












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