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Battle for the Paddle

18 Jun

At the recent Battle for the Paddle at Doheny State Beach I ran across three new products that I thought would make great surf gifts. Check them out in the video above.

Best Surfer Gifts – New Beach Boys Album

6 Jul

Surfers love The Beach Boys. What’s not to love?  All-time harmonies, chill melodies, and relevant lyrics that eventually call out our favorite surf spots.  Doheny and San Onofre are two of mine.  They’re covered.  I always wondered why they left out Trestles.  Maybe it was a secret spot back then?  Anyway…

When The Beach Boys issued their press release about an upcoming album and world tour to celebrate their 50th Anniversary, I was filled with dread and trepidation.  Who wasn’t?  Another washed up band from way ago trying to cash in.  How bad were they going to sound?

Then they show up on the Grammy’s, and with the help from about 20 other voices to help cover up what surely was their lack of remaining ability to harmonize, they squeaked out a compilation of old tunes.  I was further discouraged.  Maybe the new album was going to be another “best of” compilation?  Who needs that? We all own all the Beach Boys music ever made?

So when the album finally showed up on for $5.00 on a download, I decided to take the risk.  And was rewarded with goosebumps.  How could the Beach Boys, geriatric in the truest sense of the word, possibly sound this good after 50-years?

The harmonies are perfect, the lyrics are magical, and the music is tight. The songs range from classic 60’s pop in ‘That’s Why God Made the Radio’, ‘Isn’t It Time’, and ‘Spring Vacation’, (an ode to the band getting back together), to the currently insightful ‘The Private Life of Bill and Sue’ where they contemplate reality television, to the more reflective and slower ‘From There to Back Again’, ‘Pacific Coast Highway’ and ‘Summer’s Gone’.  The latter three songs at the end of the album seem to satisfy the music snobs of the world that actually think Brian Wilson’s ‘Smile” album was a work of genius, and not the last gasps of a brilliant man slipping into the firm grip of insanity.  Barn Animals?  Really? But nevertheless, he has obviously managed to regain his faculties and has produced a masterpiece.  Get it now at the link below.

Amazon price at time of this writing:

Audio CD – $11.88

That’s Why God Made the Radio

MP3 Download – $7.99

That’s Why God Made the Radio

The Best Lightweight Portable Headphones

24 May

My friends at Gizmodo just posted a very well written blog on the best lightweight portable headphones.  Lots of surfers like to get amped for a sesh before they go out.  A good pair of portable headphones that can be stashed in a backpack would make a killer gift that would get lots of use.  And the best gifts are the ones that get used. Check out the review here, just pick up the winner of the review below the break.

Gizmodo Best Lightweight Headphone Review

We, the smartphone-and-MP3-addicted people, wear headphones from dusk till dawn. That means they’ve got to be comfortable for hours on end. Forget the bulk of fashion-forward full-sized cans and the irritation of earbuds—for headphones that go the distance, three qualities trump everything else: comfort, durability, practicality.

We tested five pairs of on-ear headphones, all weighing less than three ounces and costing less than $105 on Amazon. Sound quality is always important, but like the slick gadgets you plug them into, headphones should fit effortlessly into your life. If you’re going to take these everywhere and wear them constantly, they’ve got to look good and stow away easily. Of course, these headphones all borrow something of the Walkman-chic style of the 1980s, so if they’re aesthetically covetable, we’re not going to complain. Read more…

Check the price now at at this link.  Sennheiser PX 100-II On Ear Miniheadphone (Black)

Best Beach Guitar? Washburn Has a Solid Candidate.

28 Feb

  1. I’m not a guitar player.  I am learning to play the ukulele, but frankly I have not been consistent enough.  I seem to be learning the same three chords over and over again.  But my son plays well, and he has always wanted one of these.

In lieu of a personal review, I’m linking to a well written review of the Washburn  Resonator from the Daily Stoke.

The review is on the electric version (Washburn 45RCE), which currently lists for $499 at Amazon.  I think you could get away with the acoustic version (R15RCE), which is a hundred bucks cheaper.

Check it our here at the Daily Stoke.

Then buy it with the link below at for the best price

Washburn R15R Resonator, Natural


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