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Surf trip to Tahiti – Groupon can save you some bucks.

13 Aug

We’ve all seen the images and drooled. Intimate cabanas perched over a peaceful lagoon with amazing vistas of mountains in the background. Perfect barrels of groomed glass with nobody around. Blood gushing from facial wounds after getting smashed onto the reef. While that last part might give us second thoughts, the images that come to mind when we think of Tahiti are almost always positive. Now Groupon can get you there for less than you imagined. Starting at $1999 per person including airfare for 6 days lodging, breakfasts and transfers. The pictured Intercontinental Moorea comes with the 9-day package for $3500. It’s a boatload of money for sure. But, it is also a dream vacation and a big savings over the normal prices.

There’s a ton of surfing in Tahiti, and there are plenty of local surf tour groups available that you can use as an add-on. Most of the surf breaks are beyond paddle distance so you’ll want to hook up a boat ride.

Unfortunately the dates are all past the window for the Billabong Tahiti Pro at Teahupoo, or maybe that’s for the best if you want to charge the world’s heaviest barrel.

Check out the Groupon Tahiti Trip at this link.












BEST SURF GIFT EVER!!!! – Surf Lesson with Maya Gabeira

3 Aug

OK, I can’t believe this is available.  But through our friends at Zozi you can buy an all day surf lesson with big wave charger and smoking hot surfer Maya Gabeira.  Maya has won 5 Billabong XXL awards  for those that aren’t aware, as well as Best Female Action Sports Athlete at the 2009 ESPY’s.  She rode the biggest wave ever by a woman at Dungeons in South Africa in 2009.  So she’s got the cred to teach anyone short of Kelly. If you gift this to someone, they will be your BFF guaranteed.

What You Get

  • Hand’s on surfing instruction from a big wave surf champ, Red Bull athlete and zozi Guru – Maya Gabeira.
  • Three hour small group surf lesson, followed by a long, leisurely lunch with Maya.
  • Friendly environment for beginning surfers, skill development for experienced riders.
  • Instruction starts on shore covering surf basics, then moves to the water for two 90 minute lessons.
  • Guidance on paddling, balance, wave selection and timing.
  • Surfboard rental and custom zozi rash guard included.
  • Post-surf lunch and cocktails with Maya at the Shore’s Restaurant, a beachfront cantina.

What You Won’t Get

  • The poise, confidence and skill to charge like Maya, but you WILL get better.


Surf Diva (Provider)
2160 Avenida de la Playa
San Diego, CA 92037

What’s Cool

  • Spend a day with surfing legend Maya Gabeira, learning essential surf basics to get you riding like a pro.
  • On the shores of La Jolla Beach, meet, learn and surf with Maya, as well as one of California’s most reputable surf instruction companies, Surf Diva.
  • Maya caters the surf session to your ability, providing feedback while in the water. She’ll get you dropping in on waves perfect for those new to surfing.
  • Take breaks on the beach under a sun canopy. Hydrate, stretch out, then tackle another set.
  • Post surf session, head to the Shores Restaurant for an oceanview lunch and refreshing margaritas.
  • On the patio, chill with Maya while she shares stories of what it’s like to travel the globe in search of the world’s biggest waves.

Get it at this link and save $10.

Surf Lesson with Maya Gabeira

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