This Backpack is Amazing

22 Nov

I purchased this through a Kickstarter campaign and just received it.  I was really anxiously awaiting it as  I travel 365 days a year, and felt like this was a missing piece of my equipment set.  I currently travel with a North Face computer backpack and a Briggs and Reilly carry-on.  These two containers hold all of my possessions and if you’re looking for base luggage check them out.   I have designed a wardrobe that lets me travel globally, through all hemispheres and all seasons.  However, sometimes I really want to go hiking, or surfing, or just exploring.  And with all my gear stuffed into my computer backpack, it’s a pain in the ass to unload everything.  Plus the though of stuffing wet gear into my $300 North Face computer pack is painful.

So when I saw a waterproof backpack that holds 24L of gear, and packs into a stuff sack the size of a deck of cards, I was all in.

The Sea to Sky pack lives up to its billing.  It’s can fit in your pocket, is ultralight, really strong, totally waterproof.  Rarely does a company nail a design like this, but Pacific Northwest did it.  At $79, it comes with my highest recommendation.  Every surfer on the planet would find a use for this.  Whether it’s something you stuff in your glove box in the car, or keep in your board bag, or just use everyday as a wetsuit bag, or as a grocery bag, or in your bike bag, the uses are literally endless.  Get it here

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