HangGoose Long Term Review

14 Apr

I picked up the HangGoose about a year ago meaning to review it but never got around to it. I’m always on the lookout for a better way to dry my wetsuits and booties. Nothing sucks more than putting on a cold, damp wetsuit on a crisp morning. It’s like sliding slowly into a vat of cold jello.

I was immediately attracted to the design. It’s made of sustainably grown teak. It not only hangs a wetsuit but also booties and gloves. And it looks like a goose. It’s a well thought out product.

I use the HangGoose all the time. It’s something most surfers won’t likely buy for themselves, so you can be relatively confident that the surfer in your life won’t already have one. My only negative is the price. It’s a little high in my opinion. But teak isn’t cheap and the detail on the goose (look into its eyes) suggests craftsmanship.

You can buy the HangGoose for $62 on their website or they have a list of retailers that carry it.





One Response to “HangGoose Long Term Review”

  1. Mike Mulderig April 24, 2013 at 5:06 pm #


    I am the inventor of the HangGoose wetsuit gear hanger weighing in on the reviewer’s “only negative”. The price may be high but the value is much higher. I have chosen teak for it’s durability in harsh conditions. It is rare in the surf world to find products built to last. Choosing quality gear is the best way to reduce our collective carbon footprint. My original Indonesian supplier went out of business in the recent global recession. I nearly threw in the towel myself with growing frustration as I looked for a socially and environmentally responsible supplier. In the end I found Diamond Teak owned Kevin Yardley. Diamond Teak’s operations began with reforestation efforts in Costa Rica and have grown to include a dozen plantations and one production wood shop. Their operations are FSC (Forest Stewardship Counsel) certified by the Rain Forest Alliance. These changes have required increasing the price to $82. Good social and environmental practices come with a price.

    I have sold out of the Indonesian version of the hanger. I should be getting the new ones in about 5 weeks. I have not removed my online offer but have opted to refund buyers and email them the new hanger at the $62 price before it goes out to my retailers.

    Mike Mulderig

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