New GoPro Hero 3 reviewed by Cyrus Sutton

18 Oct

OK, when it comes to surf cam reviews, there’s nothing I can say that would not sound downright stupid compared to what Cyrus has to say. He’s a master, so just read this and decide for yourself.  Couple of notes from his post.

GoPro recently acquired Cineform and updated their ProTune firmware, which is available for free on their website, and “turns your GoPro 2 into a low contrast, 35 megabyte per second action capturing machine, virtually eliminating all blocking and pixelation that had plagued all POV cameras for years, including to a lesser the HERO HD & 2.”

“The megabyte per second rate is the nuts and bolts of a camera’s image quality and is often overlooked by consumers but obsessed over by hollywood DP’s. And while efficient codecs are milking smaller and smaller data streams, a lot of what you pay for is your camera’s data stream. It separates the consumer cams from the professional ones, and with ProTune’s 35MB per second stream and low contrast output which preserves a fuller dynamic range of your image (the highlights and shadows), the resulting footage is hard to differentiate from a full sized DSLR or professional video camera.”

If you’re too lazy to click and read the whole review…


This camera is markedly better than anything similar on the market and if you’re perpetually unsatisfied with what you have or are just looking to step up the level of your action video production, the HERO 3 is a must have.  

It ships November 14th you check it out and pre-order here!

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