XM Surf Bag – Long Term Review

7 May

I’ll keep this short, and let the pics replace the thousand words.  I purchased a 9’6″ XM Surf bag for my Kaysen custom longboard in March of 2011.  It was made primarily of grey tarp material and a smallish metal zipper.  It sucks.  The zipper has given me nothing but trouble, and when you get a little sand in it, it just won’t zip.  The tarp material has totally disintegrated from the sun.  It’s a surf bag.  It should be designed to work in the sand and the sun.

Here are some pics I took before I tossed it in the trash this weekend.

The last image is a pic of the new zipper of my Destination Surf Bag I picked up for 25% off at Stewart’s this weekend (sorry, I should have posted about the sale, but the surf was good, there was a contest in town, and it was my son’s 17th birthday, so it was a crazy weekend.  Let me know if you picked up any deals).  That’s what a zipper should look like.  It’s a big, beefy one, with a lifetime guarantee.  Check out my review of the D-Surf bags here.

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