Clark Little Shorebreak Art Book – A Special Gift for Surf and Beach Lovers

3 Mar

The shorebreak art of Clark Little has set off a new trend of guys getting pounded in the big surf. But nobody has the body of work that Clark Little brings in this exclusive book. I don’t know a surfer who does not love his work, and this book is an inexpensive (relatively) way of bringing his artwork home. His prints sell for thousands of dollars, and his work has been featured at the Smithsonian. Clark is an almost native Hawaiian who since 2007 has built a portfolio of surf art that is second to none.

This book comes in two editions. Both are signed, but the collector’s edition ($350) is limited to 500 copies, and is signed by Clark’s buddies Kelly Slater and Jack Johnson, plus it comes with 2 limited edition 8×10 signed prints. The limited edition is the same basic book, is signed by Clark, but only costs $150. So you have a great price range to work with.

Who’s it for?

Anybody who loves art, the beach or ocean, or quality photography.

How much is it?

$150 for the limited edition or $350 for the collector’s edition.

Where can I get it?

Online at Clark Little Photography

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