Surfer Gifts – Ekobrew K-Cup Replacement

23 Feb

Due to their connection to the ocean, most surfers are also environmentally sensitive. I’m not suggesting that we are all tree-huggers, just that we are in-tuned with our environment. And one of the things that many surfers rail against is single use plastics. We’ve all seen too much plastic in the ocean.

The other thing that makes this Ekobrew a perfect gift for surfers, is that many of us are up early for the dawn patrol. That means we need coffee. Good cofee, and fast. That’s where the Keurig brewer comes in. Problem is that those stupid K-cups are single use plastic and can’t recycle because of all the grounds and paper filter inside with metal foil on the top. So every cup of coffee yields plastic waste that just fills our landfills.

I tried some other k-cup replacements out there, and the coffee was really bad. Southwest Airlines bad. Then one day this little gem popped up as a Gold Box special on So I grabbed one.

It took some experimenting getting the right grind and amount, as I like my coffee strong. But I eventually nailed it. Now I can select whatever coffee brand I want, buy it on sale, grind it fresh, and get a single hot fresh awesome cup in seconds from my Keurig. No wasted coffee, no plastic pollution.

Who’s it for?

  • Early morning surfers
  • Surfers in tune with the environment
  • Surfers on a budget who like good coffee

How much is it?

  • You can get one for around $12, or three for $30.
  • Add in a Keurig B40 brewer and you are in for around $150.  Lots of ways to combo this.
  • Maybe throw in some Kona blend from Hawaii?

Where can I get it:

  • Links to Amazon above and below offer free shipping!

Ekobrew Cup, Refillable Cup For Keurig K-Cup Brewers, Brown, 1-Count

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